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UNLV lady Rebels keep the ball rolling!

The UNLV Lady Rebels continued their dominance in their division with a convincing victory over the Reno women's basketball team. The game was closely contested in the first half, with both teams trading blows and keeping the score close. However, the Lady Rebels stepped up their game in the second half, outscoring Reno by 23 points to secure a 57-80 victory. The Lady Rebels' defense was a key factor in the win, as they were able to shut down the Reno offense and force multiple turnovers. UNLV's offense also came alive in the second half, with several players scoring in double figures and making key shots to extend their lead. The win extends the Lady Rebels' winning streak and solidifies their position at the top of the division. They will look to continue their winning ways in their next game against a very tough New Mexico!

Via (UNLV athletics)


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