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Netflix “LAST CHANCE U” coaching phenomenon John Mosley gives praise to PROSZN MAGAZINE!

Last Chance U's Coach Mosley recently showed his support for PROSZN Magazine, the only youth sports magazine in Las Vegas, and it is a major win for the publication. Mosley's endorsement is a significant boost for the magazine as he has become a prominent figure in the world of sports and education.

PROSZN Magazine is a publication that highlights the achievements of young athletes, coaches, and sports organizations in Las Vegas. The magazine covers a wide range of sports from football to basketball, tennis to swimming, and gymnastics to track and field. They have been doing great things behind the scenes and providing a platform for young people to share their stories and successes.

The magazine's primary objective is to inspire young people to pursue their dreams, remain dedicated to their craft, and never give up on their goals. They showcase young athletes' achievements, including high school and college athletes, and the people who have made a significant impact in their lives, such as coaches, mentors, and trainers.

Mosley's endorsement of PROSZN Magazine is a testament to his commitment to promoting the success of young people in sports and education. As a coach and educator himself, Mosley understands the importance of providing young people with the support they need to succeed. His endorsement will undoubtedly encourage more people to read PROSZN Magazine and learn about the amazing work they are doing in Las Vegas.


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