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Maleek Simeus: The Total Package.

At 6'1, 170lbs Maleek Simeus is a dominant force on the basketball court and is easily considered a top tier elite level guard out of nevada.

Simeus possesses a rare combination of raw athleticism, speed, intelligence, passing ability, and leadership. These skills make him a threat to any opposing team and a valuable asset to his own. He has a natural ability to control the pace of the game, making smart decisions and setting up his teammates for success.

But what sets Simeus apart from other players is his maturity and poise. At such a young age, he already demonstrates a level of composure that is typically seen in more older and experienced players. He never lets the pressure of the game get to him, and his cool demeanor helps to steady his team during tight situations.

Maleek Simeus is the complete package on the hardwood. His combination of talent, skill and maturity makes him a player to watch in the future. There is no doubt that Maleek has unlimited potential to land wherever his focus wants him to go. Proszn will be covering Maleek a lot more in the future as he is surely ON THE RADAR 🔥


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