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Coaches in Nevada want Bishop Gorman to be all the way in or all the way OUT!

Is Bishop Gormans Dominance Good for NV Football?

On November 19th, 2022, Bishop Gorman Gaels of Las Vegas travel to Reno for the NV State Men's Varsity Football Championship, a competition they were all too familiar with. With a remarkable record of 13 wins in the past 15 state championships, it's clear that Bishop Gorman has established itself as a dominant force in NV football. As a result, the two have become synonymous, with Bishop Gorman representing the pinnacle of success in NV football.

Given their exceptional record in NV state football, it's not surprising that the Gaels have been striving to make an impact on a national stage. Over the years, the school has limited its In-Conference games in an effort to compete against some of nations toughest and most talented teams. In the past year, their efforts paid off as the team achieved a #4 national ranking, as reported by Maxprep.

The national exposure for the Gaels has elicited mixed reactions, with some being excited about its impact on recruitment for the local sports community others have expressed disapproval. Several Las Vegas high school football programs have raised concerns about the close association between Bishop Gorman's success and NV football. Some believe their success has come at the expense of other programs.

During a NIAA NV Realignment Committee meeting on January 30th, tensions rose as rival high school coaches presented a new proposal. This proposal posed a threat to the recent national success of the Gaels by restricting them to only one non-league game per season. However, it should be noted that the proposal applies to all 5A South teams, not just Bishop Gorman, who would have a schedule consisting of nine league games and the option to play one additional non-league game.

Despite having not lost a regular season game to an in-league team since 2006, the Gaels' athletic director, Grant Rice, acknowledged the concerns raised by the recent lack of balance in competitiveness. However, he argued that the proposal would harm the progress of Nevada and cause a significant disadvantage. Rice continued to state “For us to take a step back in 2023 and put our kids, all of Nevada, not just Bishop Gorman students, where they can’t play other states, get recruited by other colleges, be seen on any kind of West Coast or national level I think it’s a complete step back for Nevada”.

Some speculate that the new proposal is a way for rival schools forcing Bishop Gorman to become independent and play a national only schedule, thereby leveling the playing field for the Las Vegas league. No matter the goal the proposal has garnered tremendous support. During a public comment period Liberty football coach and President of the Southern Nevada Football Coaches Association, Rich Muraco, informed that a survey regarding the plan was sent to 30 SNFCA coaches. According to Muraco, the proposal received support from 25 coaches. He also noted that 9 out of the 10 schools in the proposed realigned 5A South endorse the plan.

Muraco went on to express, “We feel very strongly that if you choose not to move forward with this proposal, then you’re sending a very loud and clear message that the wants and needs of CCSD schools are not being met,” Muraco told the committee. “And that you’re going to take the needs and wants of one school, which is Bishop Gorman.”

Do you believe Bishop Gormans dominance is good for NV football? Leave a comment below expressing your opinion.


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