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14U Vegas Strong defeat the WCA ducks in Las Vegas!

In a thrilling showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats, Coach Jay Amina's #5 nationally ranked 14U Vegas Strong football team secured a resounding victory over the #3 nationally ranked WCA Ducks with a final score of 24-8 this past Saturday, September 30, 2023. It was a matchup that showcased the sheer prowess and spirit of Coach Amina's squad, and it all began with a stellar performance by their star back, Eric McFarland.

#3 Eric McFarland WR, S

Eric McFarland, a young talent destined for greatness, was the undeniable star of the game. He led the charge with an explosive offensive display, racking up three touchdowns - two through the air and one on the ground. His versatility and relentless determination left the WCA Ducks defense reeling, earning him the admiration of fans and opponents alike.

However, the success of Coach Jay Amina's Vegas Strong team extends far beyond the incredible skills of individual players. Amina has masterfully captured the hearts of his young athletes, instilling in them a sense of unity, discipline, and a burning desire to win. Under his mentorship, these players have blossomed into a cohesive, unstoppable force on the field.

Coach Amina's approach goes beyond the Xs and Os of football; he serves as a mentor and role model, teaching valuable life lessons that extend beyond the gridiron. It's this commitment to the holistic development of his players that has them firing on all cylinders and achieving remarkable success.

Saturday's triumph was just a glimpse of what this remarkable team can achieve under Coach Amina's leadership. Their story is one of talent, teamwork, and the unyielding spirit of youth sports.

AllStar quarterback #2 Ace Amina

#9 Jordan Thompson-Woods RB, DB, S

Photos by @timeburner


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