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PROSZN was created to highlight some of the youngest and most promising athletes in the valley and throughout the world.

We acknowledge that these young athletes dedicate just as much time and consistency and put in just as much work as their older, professional counterparts who typically receive lots of praise and recognition. PROSZN is here to balance out the scales. We believe that the proper recognition promotes longevity and helps put things into perspective as these young athletes make their way up the ladder becoming professional athletes or becoming career driven individuals who will take the skills they learned on the field and continuously apply them through the duration of their lifetime.


PROSZN also focuses on grooming these athletes preparing them for the professional side of sports on topics such as: interviewing, social media etiquette, athletic press kits, financial management tips and much more.


PROSZN also highlights community leaders and entrepreneurs in a segment we call “From Athletes 2 Entrepreneurs” In this segment we focus on those who’ve successfully made the transition and can now give advice on how and when to take the necessary steps when sports become secondary to life.

In short, we highlight the Michael Jordans, Tom Brady’s and the Muhammed Ali’s, long before anybody knows their names.



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